Curiton Life Science Private Limited


Curiton Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.

With an illustrious journey which stands at striking distance from August’19. Curiton Life Sciences commands the status of one of the successful newly launched pharmaceutical company in India. At Curiton, we redefine rules, which can transform our mission and vision to innovative high quality healthcare products to reach their new heights. Although our passion is the fuel that keeps ideas alive and innovation is the catalyst that gives the strength to fight. Our experts are working day and night with a wide variety of healthcare products that are capable of providing comprehensive solution at all.


Reaching people and touching their lives globally as a leading healthcare company of affordable good quality products. We value achievement of objectives and consistently strive towards our vision with perseverance. We value knowledge such that it empowers our people to find innovative solution to manage change.


At Curiton, we strive to make life easier and healthier for people at all walks of life. Being a passionate and focused research driven company, we are committed to work with the highest ethical standard in clinical research and medical practice. We want to be valued not only for our pharmaceutical products but also for the way we conduct our research and business activities.

The Founders

ashish curiton

Mr. Ashish Verma

Mr. Ashish Verma is one of the founders and holds the position of Business head at Curiton Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. Verma has very extensive hands on experience in Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry for more the 11 years.
krishna prasad

Mr. Krishna Prasad

Mr. Krishna Prasad is one of founders and holds the position of Marketing Heads at Curiton Life Science Pvt Ltd.